Recently stumbled upon this forthcoming publication by Phil Smith – Mythogeography.
Phil describes it thusly:
“The book takes the form of a documentary-fictional collection of the internal documents, diary fragments, letters, emails, narratives, notebooks and handbooks of a loose coalition of artists, performers, ‘alternative’ walkers and pedestrian geographers. All Illustrated in full colour by Tony Weaver, who designed the Wrights & Sites’ Mis-Guide books.

The fragmentary and slippery format recognises the disparate, loosely interwoven and rapidly evolving uses of walking today: as performance, as exploration, as urban resistance, as activism, as an ambulatory practice of geography, as meditation, as post-tourism, as dissident mapping, as subversion of and rejoicing in the everyday. ‘Mythogeography’ celebrates that interweaving, its contradictions and complementarities, and is an attempt at a handbook for those who want to be part of it.”

I first came across Phil’s work via Wrights & Sites he’s written some key work on the practice of walking. These two essays are particularly good
A Short History of the Future of Walking
Dread, Route and Time: An Autobiographical Walking of Everything Else

Mythogeography is available from Triarchy Press


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