Leyton F.C ground becomes Asset of Community Value


Fantastic to hear that the abandoned ground of Leyton Football Club on Lea Bridge Road, one of London’s oldest clubs, has been granted Asset of Community Value status by Waltham Forest Council.

Earlier this year I interviewed ardent Leyton F.C supporter Stephen Madge about his memories of the club.

Let’s hope that football one day returns to the Hare and Hounds Ground.


  1. Bobby Kasanga   •  

    Does anybody know who owns the land as Hackney Wick Football Club would hope to get investors involved for a revamp?

    • Steven   •  

      Did you get anywhere with this Bobby?

    • Mick Barnett   •  

      Company number 01293539

  2. Richard Kedzior   •  

    They say you never forget your first love and that’s certainly the case with Leyton – Wingate FC who rekindled my interest in football between late season 1984-85 to early season 1986-87 which coincided with me living in Walthamstow. Although a northerner by birth – and currently residing in Salford and watching Salford City since 2007 – I will always look back at my time following LWFC home and away with great pride and much affection and was absolutely gutted to hear that they folded a few years ago. I absolutely loved my time following the club which coincided with them reaching the FA Cup 1st round for 35 years in season 1985-86 when we played Swansea City away and found everyone associated with the club extremely friendly and welcoming. I so miss those happy years and although I follow Salford City with great passion home and away my support for LWFC will never diminish and I sincerely hope that one day a Leyton non-league team will once again play at the Lea bridge Road ground.

    • JohnR   •     Author

      Wonderful comment thanks for sharing those memories Richard

  3. Sam Smith   •  

    Do you know we’re the abandoned stadium is (the post code) and also is it open regularly for people to take photos ext…

    • JohnR   •     Author

      It’s just behind the Hare and Hounds pub on Lea Bridge Road Leyton. It was open the other day, it seems to be used as a car park

  4. bernie ferry   •  

    What great memeroies we have of the club.Mind you we were only customers (drinking) of the club but we also watched manys a game there We lived in Elm park rd just about 5 roads towards Hackney from the club and got to know so many of the old characters there It was going well when we moved to Ireland but we since heard from friends around the area that it closed down. What a shame.

  5. Mark Caswell   •  

    Would like to talk to interested investors, we would be able to help set up a club for players from
    6 to adults

    • Graham Larkbey   •  

      Hi Mark – suggest you contact the Walthamstow FC club about this idea (they’re the descendants of the original Leyton club, who moved to ‘stow when everything fell apart in 1995, and who became Leyton Pennant). They may be interested in the possibility of returning.

  6. James Penfold   •  

    Do you know who owns the ground

  7. James Penfold   •  

    Do you know who owns the ground please? What’s going to happen to the ground.

    Many thanks
    James penfold

    • JohnR   •     Author

      Hi James – I’m not entirely sure, best to check with Waltham Forest Council, I believe there are plans to develop the site

  8. James p   •  

    It’s in a right old mess. I visited last week. It needs a tidy up.

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