This is the blog of writer and film-maker John Rogers, author of This Other London – adventures in the overlooked city, and director of  the  documentaries London Overground (with Iain Sinclair), The London Perambulator, and Make Your Own Damn Art – the world of Bob and Roberta Smith. Also co-presenter and producer of the radio show and podcast Ventures and Adventures in Topography on Resonance fm.

“John is like an alchemist, not only in the he is unkempt and dresses like a person who has fallen through the cracks, he also makes the mundane and unremarkable glow with newly imbued magic.”

– Russell Brand, from the foreword to This Other London

“He’s the everyman’s psychogeographer, hobbling across the hilltops with only a can of Stella and a dodgy knee for company….
But this down-to-earth, booze-hunting ‘hippy wizard’ is a star in his own right. Brand describes Rogers as ‘like Prospero crossed with Mr Chips’, and a ‘tangle-haired shrub shaman’. We’d rather think of him as the Brian Cox of topology, inspiring wonder and curiosity on esoteric subjects (without using complicated words like topology and esoteric).”


John Rogers Iain Sinclair

– from The Last London by Iain Sinclair


Some interviews:

Robert Elms on BBC London

With Arthur Smith on BBC Radio4 Extra

And a longer chat with Neil Denny on Little Atoms

More interviews and talks can be found here


Please have a look at my YouTube channel where I post regular videos


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  1. Duncan Abbot   •  

    I went to the Iain Sinclair talk last night at the TFL museum.
    I enjoyed the platform talk and look forward to seeing the film.
    I’m going to to work my way through your posts on this site. I live in Loughton and we often cycle (sedately) down the Lea or through Walthamstow and the Marshes and share the same fascination for the area.
    Btw, the Signature brew post caught my eye. We usually do the Wild Card so this extends the choice.

    Keep up the good work

    • JohnR   •     Author

      Thanks for your comment Duncan – glad you enjoyed the talk and film extract. I’m always tramping around the Lea and through the forest, frequently passing through Loughton. Signature is definitely worth a visit on a Saturday and also Beavertown up at Tottenham Hale as well – I was given a tour towards the end of this video – I’ll be sure to make a long overdue trip to Wild Card.

  2. Kevin Ring   •  

    LONDON OVERGROUND – Elegiac film John. Poetry.

    • JohnR   •     Author

      Many thanks indeed Kev

  3. Trevor Barre   •  

    Hi John,

    I’ve made several responses to your videos on You Tube, which I always enjoy.

    I wonder whether you might be interested in discussing with me a project that I am currently researching – a new history of Crouch End (where I have lived for 25 years), but with a particular angle on ‘gentrification’ generally. There doesn’t seem to be much substantial written material out there on this topic, that I can find, apart from some Guardian articles, perhaps because it is ‘hidden in plain sight’?

    I would hugely appreciate a chat with someone who might provide me with alternative ways of approaching my subject. I admire your work, and the passion that drives it, and would really appreciate any help with further developing my ideas. Particularly, any help with developing new approaches to local history, in these parts, which already seem to the in the process of estate agent-speak appropriation. which always tends to be trammeled by cosy-ness, if you know what I mean. Parochialism is a more old-fashioned, and gentler, term.

    If you’re interested, my website,, will tell you something about me, and my approach to things. I hope you’ll be interested in participating – it’s all about London spaces and their vicissitudes, after all!! I would be great to speak to you.


    Trevor Barre

    • JohnR   •     Author

      Hi Trevor – of course I’d be happy to have a chat, sounds like a fascinating project. My email address is on the front page here and via the contact page. Look forward to hearing more

  4. Andrew   •  

    I came across this webpage, which I found very interesting. Wonder if this route or part of it might be a good adventure for a walk. I work in a large lab with no outward facing windows all day, so your videos are hugely appreciated by myself and really like the sense of adventure you bring to your films. Regards.

  5. Stig   •  

    Just read about your work as reading Sinclair’s Last London so came here to find your work. Have just returned to us after yearly visit to uk so look forward to reading more of yours before I plan my next wandering

    • JohnR   •     Author

      thanks for dropping by Stig – best of luck with your wandering

  6. chriss slike   •  

    I just love your walks. I live in Pennsylvania U.S. and just discovered you. It just thrills me when you come upon an old iron post or stones. Don’t know what it is but it’s nice to have someone else express my feelings! Keep on walking!!!

    • JohnR   •     Author

      Thanks so much Chriss – I’ll never stop exploring

  7. LeslieB   •  

    Having come across your YouTube channel by accident (the first walk I saw was the Swanscombe Marshes which is near my home patch of Northfleet) I’ve been fascinated ever since. Amazing insights into a London most people take for granted and never bother to stand and stare for a moment. Brilliant work.

    • JohnR   •     Author

      Thank you Leslie- much appreciated

  8. Karen Connolly   •  

    Just watched your Shadow of the Shard film, I’m a local too and yeah it breaks your heart a million pieces see what greed and corporations do in the name of Gentrification.

    Fool the people some of the time but not all, one thing for sure sooner or later people wise up they got if nothing else degrees in life and those responsible for the upheaval will be held to account even at the ballot box. Times are changing slowly but they are changing and people together are a powerful entity whether they know it round here or not they can win and are making people in power hold the purse strings very very nervous.

    • JohnR   •     Author

      Thanks for that comment Karen – I completely agree, I’ve seen what people can achieve when they stick together, and can feel the gradual change of mood

  9. Hylton Lewis   •  

    Hi John,
    Just recently watched a couple of your videos with my brother of your walks in and around London on YouTube and found them to be informative, stimulating and thoroughly entertaining.
    We wish you all the best and look forward to seeing more hopefully in the future.

    Hylton Lewis.

    • JohnR   •     Author

      Thanks very much for that Hylton

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