My trusty walking boots have finally expired. It’s a big deal for someone who plods around as much as I do. I must have been to about 20 shops trying to find a replacement looking for something cheap, comfortable and sturdy enough to do about 3,000 miles of pavement.

Shops seem to cater for mountaineers, hill walkers, jungle trekkers, light trekkers, travellers, but not urban walkers. Our needs are quite different and the whole thing left me quite perplexed. Eventually wet feet got me down and I ended up with a pair of cheap Reeboks from Lilywhites.


Will Self’s Throne

This is the rather majestic object that I’m currently auctioning on ebay on behalf of the great London wordsmith and some-time psychogeographer Will Self. He commissioned the chair from some students at Camberwell College of Art some ten years ago with the brief:
“Art Nouveau in feel,suitable for the Supreme Ruler of the Entire Known Universe, and a goodplace to both sit and think, and write.”
But not only will the winning bidder obtain the seat upon which one of Britain’s finest living writers gave birth to such tomes as ‘Great Apes’ and ‘How the Dead Live’, not to mention his Psychogeography column (which usually has nothing to do with psychogeography); but they will also get a visit from Mr Self himself as well as an essay (a limited edition of one) about its sordid history under his bum.
There’s still time to get it – auction ends tonight.