London Perambulator panel discussion at LIDF

Photo: Aneta Kosmala

Great panel discussion after the screening of the London Perambulator at the Free Word Centre last night in the London International Documentary Festival. Nick Papadimitriou and I were joined by Anna Minton, writer and journalist, author of ‘Ground Control’; Dr Fran Tonkiss, director of the LSE Cities Programme; Prof. Matthew Gandy, director of the UCL Urban Laboratory; and Patrick Hazard, director of the LIDF.
There seemed to be a consensus amongst the experts on the panel that psychogeography was dead – in part killed off by its adoption by academia (I still, romantically perhaps, cling on to the idea that it has a role to play in our understanding of the built environment as it is experienced). There was also agreement that with Deep Topography, Nick was pursuing a different path altogether with an emphasis on the experience of topography and a non-programmatic approach to exploring the suburban realm (or Stockbroker Belt as I think Nick would prefer to term it).

Laura Jenkinson has written this insightful report of the evening.
The London International Documentary Festival continues till 8th May.


Future of the City

“… this apparently alienated zone is the new Britain, a pointer to the real future facing this country. Developments in Fulham or Muswell Hill will have no bearing on what lies ahead. But what happens between the M3 and the M4 will define the character of Britain for the next half century.”
J G Ballard, Tate magazine Issue 24, Spring 2001

With the London Perambulator now out in the world thoughts inevitably turn to future projects. I’ve started work on one already, with another in discussion. There will also be the usual pitches to the Channels. But I know that there will be another film with Nick, there almost has to be. The first walks we did together in 2005 hinted towards a much bigger project than The Perambulator could fulfill – that has merely prepared the ground, created a context. All I can see for now is Nick wandering through the Lea Valley Industrial Estate at Edmonton with the brief to ‘engage’ with people as much as the infrastructure and identify the phenomena that Ballard is taking about, isolate the virus creeping through the crumbling industrial fringe of the city, the zones of distribution and re-consumption, disposal and transit – before it’s too late.


London Perambulator Q&A at Housmans

Short clip from the Q&A that I did with Nick Papadimitriou, subject of the documentary – recorded at Housmans Bookshop, Kings Cross, London following a screening of the film.

The London Perambulator looks at the city we deny and the future city that awaits us. Leading London writers and cultural commentators Will Self, Iain Sinclair and Russell Brand explore the importance of the liminal spaces at the city’s fringe, it’s Edgelands, through the work of enigmatic and downright eccentric writer and researcher Nick Papadimitriou – a man whose life is dedicated to exploring and archiving areas beyond the permitted territories of the high street, the retail park, the suburban walkways.

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