Aussie Psychogeography podcast

ABC Australia has beaten the BBC to producing a podcast devoted to the practice of psychogeography. I haven’t listened to it yet so can’t pass comment just yet on the content but at least they took the plunge.
Here’s their blurb:
“All in the Mind takes you on an extraordinarily ordinary journey across the mental and physical terrain of a big city. For many the ideal method of urban travel is straight out of Star Trek—teleporting. But in the 21st century city there are flaneurs and commuters savouring their journeys, on foot and by bike. They’re taking in the smells and sounds of back alleys, recalling emotional memories at intersections and celebrating stacks of shipping containers. Join us on a ‘psychogeographical’ adventure, and discover the impact of the city on your psyche.”
Download the podcast here


Badges of resistance, hope and apathy

Wonder if any of these badges I found lurking among the mess on my desk would help prevent a Tory victory at the next General Election. It disconcerted me the way on Newsnight last night they accepted the inevitability of a Conservative government coming to power – to the extent they only had Tory contributors. This has seriously started to depress me – I really thought we had all that behind us – like puberty. I can’t go through it again any more than I could tolerate acne, feeling like nobody understands me and spontaneous involuntary erections (truth is I still suffer from all three but you get my point hopefully). I know 1980s nostalgia is in vogue but couldn’t we draw the line at bringing back a Tory government and just watch old news footage of Douglas Hurd and Nigel Lawson.


psychogeography and the High Wycombe terror suspects

Psychogeography and the High Wycombe terror suspects
We’re exploring the meaning of the recent arrests in High Wycombe in the context of the town’s sense of place and our personal connection to it.

In November 2004 we did a derive workshop with a group of local school children which at one stage took us through Kings Wood where the police are now searching for evidence of bomb making equipment. 18 months ago the associations of this wood, through the eyes and minds of young teenagers was one of adventure, exploration and discovery of wildlife and flora and debris from an old burnt out car. We met dog walkers who were happy to stand and chat and the children were happy and familiar leading the party around an environment which was obviously a regular playground. How quickly the perceptions of place change.

One question we’re asking is to what extent is the presence of religious extremism in the town (supposing the allegations are correct) somehow in keeping with its heritage of religious dissent. Wycombe was a Lollard and Quaker stronghold for many years (Quakers still meet in Wycombe) and in their day they were viewed by the State in almost the same way that Islamic militants are today. This is not drawing a direct comparison in terms of beliefs or methods, or drawing a direct parallel between dissenters and what we now call extremists, it’s searching for historic symmetries between current events and echoes from the past.
Click here to read some further thoughts on psychogeography, autotopography and the terror suspects. We’d be keen to know what you think and we’ll continue to add updates as we get them.