Walking the Dengie Peninsula

I was haunted by a walk left unfinished along the River Crouch that I’d undertaken in May 2019. Getting off the train a stop too early I ran out of food, water, daylight and stamina just before reaching Burnham-on-Crouch. So the other week I finally embarked on the next leg of my walk along the Crouch and around the Dengie Peninsula, and then inland to Southminster. It was a walk unlike no other. Hours of solitude – then dense clouds of birdsong punctuated by gut trembling booms of artillery fire from across the estuary at Foulness. Long stretches of sea wall with the North Sea (or Sebald’s German Ocean) lapping up over the stones. The long straight road across fields the only sound the peculiar low hum of the wind turbines. It’s a walk I will never forget.


  1. Slike   •  

    Love your enthusiasm! I WAS worried that you would find yourself lost ,dare I say again ! Love your walks!👍👍

  2. tiballo   •  

    A great film. Like you, I love this place – my go to ‘get out of London’ . It’s so haunting and magic. .

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