Afoot Round London

“Exploration, I hope no-one has said this before, begins at home. Now that the North Pole has been reached and Cook’s tourists penetrate to Patagonia there is very little undiscovered country left outside England for the roving adventurous individual to explore. But in England and especially within an hours ride from London there are vast tracts of terra incognita still left. It would take a long investigation to determine why in the last 40 years these formerly traveled districts have ceased to attract the foot of the wayfarer and explorer”.

Pathfinder – Afoot Round London, 1911

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Bee on the borage

Last summer I asked the twittersphere, or whatever you call it, to recommend a plant that I could grow that would attract bees (in the 70’s it was whales we were saving, now it’s bees – is that progress?). Two people replied with the answer that borage was the thing.
I grew some from seed that rose triffid like on a barren patch of ground and this year it has returned in force – this plant the vanguard.
Who said the bees were all dead!


Timelapse experiments

Had a first stab at some time-lapse today – I think it may have been prompted by an anxiety about the changing seasons. Not sure.

I hooked up my Canon 550D (or Rebel t2i) to my laptop and used the EOS Utility driver as a remote control taking pictures at 5 second intervals. The camera was set to manual – afraid I can’t remember what the settings were.

I then stuggled a bit with the editing before discovering that you could make the video in QuickTime Pro7 by opening the photos as an image sequence.

You can also do a crude bit of colour correction with the filters when you export.

This is the first stab – monsterous buddliea outside my window

Couldn’t resist the classic cloud timelapse