Grays Inn Road-North Devon

Grays Inn Road Mansions
Grays Inn Road Mansions

Dulverton and Dawlish Mansions just up from Holsworthy Square. I’ve checked their alignment with their namesakes in the South West and it yielded no clues to the mystery.

Update: 10/01/2006
Eileen Reid sent me the following by email:
Re all the Devon connections in Rosebery Avenue, etc. They’re there because the developer James Hartnoll was of Devonian extraction. Born in poverty in Southwark, he died worth more than £400,000.. not very psychogeographical, I’m afraid. But true. There was an article in the Camden History journal in 1980 all about him.


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  1. anthony stabielli   •  

    to my disgust , 154 grays inn road . that i understand to be dawlish mansions . has sadly been demolished over the past week !! . who ever passed this in camden planning should be put before the old bailey .

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