Farewell to Camden Stables Market

Another entry in the catalogue of disappearance. The Stables Market at Camden closed yesterday. Boarded up awaiting de-generation. Passed with barely a wimper. I went along yesterday to log the events, but there weren’t any, just dejected traders and “closing down sale” signs. How could one of London’s landmarks be destroyed and there not be angry protests? Just mild indifference. Russell Brand gave it good coverage on his Radio2 show but that aside not a word in the London or National press.
What awaits Camden? A doubling of the rents at the revamped Stables, meaning an end to the speculative independent trader. The chainstores arrive, then wilderness – afterall why schlepp up to Camden to go to H&M. Maybe Camden will fullfill Richard Jefferies’ vision and return to wilderness. Here’s hoping.