Came across this brilliant summary/ definition of psychogeography by Stewart Home in the introduction to ‘Mind Invaders – A reader in psychic warfare , cultural sabotage and semiotic terrorism’ (pub. 1997)
“Rebels and bohemians traverse cities scattering signs, staging enigmas, leaving coded messages usurping the territorial claims of priests and kings by transforming the social perception of specific urban sites. Both the London Psychogeographical Association and the Manchester Area Psychogeographic use their newsletters to publicise regular gatherings that interested parties may attend. On these trips, anything or nothing at all may happen. These are possible appointments and sometimes only one intrepid psychogeographer attends. Other events are huge gatherings of urban tribes bent on emotionally remapping the cities in which they dwell. Psychogeographers pass each other like ships in the night, show up late or not at all.”