London’s Burning Podcast on Resonance FM

The other week I was mightily chuffed to be invited by Malcolm Vache from Housmans Bookshop on Caledonian Road (a geographical star of this blog) to appear on a radio show he was putting together for Resonance FM. This was something of a magical combination for me, my favourite bookshop asking me to come on and speak on my favourite radio station.
It was one of those occassions where you have to remember that you are there to actually fulfill a function and talk about something (in this case The London Perambulator and this blog) rather than just sit back and enjoy the stimulating chat. The loose theme was London psychogeography and I could happily listen to the other contributors on their own for an hour – Ken Worpole with his knowledge of the London dockers and the Essex coastline, Laura Oldfield Ford with her vivid art and zines drawn from psychogeographical peregrinations of Greater Hackney, and Merlin Coverley author of essential London books, Occult London, London Writing and Psychogeography.
If you’d like to listen to what transpired over that hour the podcast is now available here on Resonance

The London Perambulator will be screened at Housmans bookshop as part of the London’s Burning season celebrating Radical London on Saturday 25th July at 5pm. Me and Nick Papadimitriou will be doing a Q&A afterwards. Tickets available in advance from