Video: Afoot Round London with Pathfinder

Afoot Round London - Ventures & Adventures in Topography from fugueur on Vimeo.

Nick Papadimtriou and John Rogers follow a route from Pathfinder’s 1911 walking guide Afoot Round London from Grange Hill to Loughton for their radio show on Resonance 104.4 fm – Ventures and Adventures in Topography.
With reading by Heidi Lapaine and piano composition by Fabrizio Paterlini

Shot this vid when we did the walk through the Essex Golden Triangle

The London Perambulator – short clip and screening

The London Perambulator will be screening at Cine-City Brighton Film Festival next week – Nov 26th. There’ll be a Q&A afterwards with me and Nick Papadimitriou hosted by Grant Gee.
Here’s a small snippet of the film to give you a taster.
Info and booking for Cine-City is here – also check out the fantastic Jem Cohen programme


Topographical Podcasts

The first two episodes of Ventures and Adventures in Topography are now available as podcasts here
This show has brought with it a wonderfully intense period of focused walking following in the footsteps of a different author each week. Today’s show (off to the Resonance fm studio in about 2 hours) is a trip through the pages of Pathfinder’s Afoot Round London following on from a stonking walk from Grange Hill to Loughton.
(photos by Peter Knapp)


Venture and Adventure in Epping Forest

I should be asleep – resting for tomorrow’s (now today’s) walk and field recording for Ventures and Adventures in Topography radio show on Resonance 104.4fm. The next show is on Pathfinder’s Afoot Around London published in 1909 so me, Nick and Pete are going to attempt to follow the walk from Grange Hill to Waltham Abbey – a meniscus grinding 10 miles. I’ve been trying to read up a bit before heading off into Epping Forest and have been skimming through EN Buxton’s classic turn-of the C20th Epping Forest, Addison’s book of basically the same name but with a longer subtitle and delving into Iain Sinclair’s London Orbital.

The first two episodes of Ventures have gone really well – I sometimes think radio is my favourite medium (then I get hold of a camera again and film something absorbing). The podcast of the first show, where we fleshed out some of the ideas that we’ll be following in the series, is available to download now.
In the second show we headed off to Maxwell’s Monks Park a place that has intrigued me since I first picked up the book and have now discovered features in Patrick Keiller’s early short film Stonebridge Park.

So many books we could do – we’ll have to just keep on tramping


What I’ll talk about on Lost Steps on Resonance 104.4FM

Going in to doing a pre-record with Malcolm Hopkins and Nick Hamilton for their show on Resonance fm on Monday. I’ll be talking about this blog and some of the things that have inspired it and arisen from ideas that I first noted down here. Below are a collection of tags that I’ll mostly focus on – probably

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