Perambulating to Curzon Soho

The London Perambulator rambles on with a screening at Curzon Soho on Wednesday 14th July at 7.45pm. What a life the film is having after we let it loose last April.
I’m writing this now sat on a sofa in the lobby of a hotel in New York – I’ll arrive back in London the morning of the screening so be interesting to see how I handle the Q&A with jet-lag.
Bizarrely I’ve had to go away for work before almost every screening of the film. I don’t even go away that much but whenever a screening looms I get the call to fly off somewhere to work for a week, or this case 4 days.
I can’t help thinking there’s a message in this – lord knows what it is and considering that travel stopped me from attending the Brighton Film Festival and Bethnal Green Working Mens Club screenings maybe the message is to leave Nick Papadimitriou alone to do the Q&A (I know that’s what Nick thinks).
Hopefully some of you reading this will be able to make it along Wednesday – and if you do you’ll know why I’m yawning.

Info and tickets here


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