Psychogeography zine

Last week it was psychogeography on the radio and now psychogeography comes to you in print. Wilfried Hou Je Bek has just published a compendium of Psychogeographic Field Reports.
Wilfried is one of the key practitioners in the field, the remapping high wycombe project drew on his work with algorithmic psychogeography – which was great for engaging skeptical members of the public in the idea of derive.
This publication has some great stuff in it, including something from this blog, here’s how Wilfried describes it:

“The Psychogeographic Field Reports is a collection of psychogeographic field reports. There is one from 2005, three from 2010 and nineteen from 2011. A proper editor would probably have added a two-thousand word preface explaining contemporary psychogeography as a battleground between radical nostalgia and defeatist politics of landscape, while defending it against the eros/anal/tantric obsessions of deep topographers, edge land romanticists and other brokers of psychogeographic derivatives. But fuck that! Psychogeography can’t be sub-primed!!

Psychogeographic Field Reports has 40 pages of text, almost 20.000 words, entries are sorted by original publication date and Times-New Roman is used throughout.”

Includes contributions from:
Patrick Clifton – Wilfried Hou Je Bek – Martin Howse – Michelle Kasprzak – Petr Kazil – Phil Kirby – Laura Oldfield Ford – Ariel Martin Perez – Matt – Mark Patrick Oughton – OtherAberdeen – Gareth Rees -Tina Richardson – Adam Roberts – John Rogers

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