There Is No Plan

Went for a wander after leaving work in Kentish Town. Decided to just follow my nose and it wasn’t till I reached St. Pancras Old Church that I realised I had followed the course of the submerged River Fleet all the way.

It’s a steep old climb out of the Fleet basin behind St Pancras International – I was puffing slightly as I came upon whatever they’re calling the newly created piazza beside the Regent Canal. It’s the kind of odd new privately-owned ‘public space’ you’d expect to see in an ambitious regional town. The slogan in the window of the new-old Central St. Martin’s building says it all, ‘There Is No Plan’.


Walking in Los Angeles — video

I’d forgotten about this short video I made in early 2010 after a trip out there. I was following Will Self’s footsteps on a walk through Downtown LA he’d written about in GQ – which is why I dug out the snippets of audio from summer 2008.

I’d only stumbled across the clip because I was clearing space on my hard-drive for footage I’d shot yesterday on a walk out to Crayford Ness and funnily on the way had been thinking about Will Self’s description of Grand Central Market in L.A.

Interesting how walking unifies all these threads and riffs just by putting one foot in front of the other.

Bathroom proto window garden

I started growing some sweetpeas from seed by the window in the bathroom – and they seemed to like it there compared to the monsoon conditions outside.
I love the idea of a window garden, but it always seemed slightly ridiculous when you have an actual garden with a lawn and trees and fox poo. It seemed synonymous with Dalston Hipsters and annoying oversized bicycles on the Overground.
However the sweetpeas (which are now clearly dying) and the rain have changed my mind. Although those preposterous bikes on the train are still a pain in the arse.