1. Fiona Potter   •  

    I don’t know why I didn’t watch this video until today but… I had the opposite feeling when visiting the park back in 1973. I was helping with a nativity play in the area and as I walked through the alley from Bow Church, turned the corner to the park, I felt like something evil was ripping at me. Now I say it was though there were Dementors in the area. I couldn’t move and could hardly breathe for the sense of evil. My friend had to grab me and physically pull me along until I was able to recover. It was truly horror personified.

  2. Pamela Clarke   •  

    This little park was an oasis of calm during the war . I lived in my dads pub The Three Tuns in Bow Road,my niece was born in this pub and I us d to take her in her pram to the little park it was beautifully kept by Mr. Brown the park keeper .
    I never felt any bad feelings while there.

    • JohnR   •     Author

      Thanks so much for sharing this Pamela

  3. Christina Stratton   •  

    I am a descendant of someone who was in the asylum. He was a famous tightrope walker in the 18 hundreds. He caught syphilis and went out of his mind ( a common complaint in those days). He was my great great grandfather and he died in his 40’s.

    • JohnR   •     Author

      Thanks for sharing that Christina

  4. Levana Sleet   •  

    I lived in wrexham rd .and the park in the 60s was wonderful.except when the weather was bad.played everyday in the swing park.picnics with friends .and till my mum died .2 years ago.tok my children there and my grandchildren.
    It use to have park wardens a lady who worjed at the swing park.keeping a eye on us.or shouting dont stand on the swings.
    Wonderfu memeries of the whole park.
    Its a shame they built on some of the park ans swing park.

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