A Leyton Peculiar

The assassination of the great avant-garde composer, Cornelius Cardew by the Stasi, the course of the Philly Brook, King Harold in Leyton and the pilgrimage route to Waltham Abbey along the High Road, a near collision with a cyclist on the pavement, the Knights Templar, echoes of midwest America, and a glorious sunset – all in a long walk round the block the other evening.


  1. uair01   •  

    Those last open-space + sky comments are very nice. Otherwise you wouldn’t notice that space.

    • JohnR   •     Author

      thanks – I love that place for that reason

  2. sue m   •  

    Thank you for this, I agree about the Temple Mills, in fact that area still very open feeling generally, I hope the flats they are building on old Nissan site Oliver Road don’t go too high. Do you know anything about the unusual corner building in Francis road in the first bit of your film?

    • JohnR   •     Author

      Thanks for the comment. I’ve always been intrigued by that building on Francis/Twickenham Roads – I’ll have to find out what it was at some point.

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