Swanscombe Marshes – Thames landscape under threat

A walk around Swanscombe Marshes and Botany Marshes on the Thames Estuary in Kent, near Dartford, starting and finishing from Ebbsfleet International Station. There are plans to build a theme park on Swanscombe Marshes so this beautiful landscape may not be there much longer.

Find out more about development plans for Swanscombe Marshes on the Save Swanscombe Marshes blog.

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  1. Jack   •  

    I just wanted to leave a comment as I cant find many objections online regarding this, Ive walked round Swancome marshes many times and for all of this to dissapear is appalling. The marshes host so much wildlife, it is home to frogs/toads, geese, ducks, mice I even saw a slow worm and theres many more.

    Its just so sad all of this will be gone for greed and no one seems to care, the cost of wildlife/nature for a theme park…..

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