Walking Wapping Waterfront

A walk along Wapping High Street exploring the Thames foreshore and the history of the old London docks along Wapping which stretches far back into the history of the city. We walk down Wapping Old Stairs, one of the ancient rights of way for Thames Watermen where they could access their boats to row people across the Thames.
We look at the Town of Ramsgate and Prospect of Whitby pubs – both dating from the 1500’s, walk down the Pelican Stairs and New Crane stairs to walk along the banks of the River Thames. Our walk ends at Shadwell Basin.

Books mentioned:
London Walks by Tom Pock (1974)
The Lure and Lore of London’s River by A.G Linney (1932)
Wonderful London (1926)

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filmed in December 2020