Hidden Gems of London, Secret Walks & other Questions

Last week I put out a call for any questions for a Q&A session and received a deluge of fascinating enquiries. I this video I answer over 30 of the questions submitted. Timestamps below and links to videos mentioned below.

0:00 Intro – Wanstead Flats
0:57 Where is a scenic hidden gem most Londoner’s haven’t been to
3:08 Do you listen to music while out walking
3:47 Which is your favourite walk and why
4:31 Did you notice the ghost in your Van Gogh video with Iain Sinclair
4:45 What’s the most steps you’ve walked in a day
5:39 What got you into walking around London and doing YouTube
7:50 Have you always lived in London
8:29 Which is the most romantic lost rivers walk to do with a spouse
9:44 Who are you favourite current YouTube creators
12:41 Is the Thames the deepest river
12:44 How do you get you beard looking magnifique
12:51 How does it feel to have inspired people to look at the world around them in a different light
14:30 When are you going to walk the New River Path
15:10 Do you have any information on the first Licensed Victualler’s School
17:27 Any tips on researching obscure subject matter
19:01 Are there any places left that were settings in Jane Austen’s novels
19:52 Suggestions for non-fiction books on the history and landscape of London
21:03 Explain the appeal of your favourite walks and Epping Forest
22:47 Have you thought of doing walks around some of the interesting buildings of London such as Crossness Pumping Station and Strawberry Hill House
24:13 Would you make a TV series of your walks
25:38 What one-mile distance will you never tire of walking
26:14 What’s the longest walk you’ve done from London without relying on public transport
26:37 How many London boroughs have you walked through in a single day and which areas of London feature in your second book
29:38 Has there been any place on your wanderings that has left you feeling spooked
31:10 Chas and Dave fan?
31:17 What’s your favourite historic pub in London and your favourite all-round pub
32:56 Any more walks around London cemeteries
33:18 Do you think anyone would try to replicate Crystal Palace
34:11 Have you considered writing a book of river walks
35:41 Do you have a script for your videos or do you freestyle it
38:19 Do you have secret walks you keep to yourself
39:22 What’s your favourite stretch of the River Lea
39:47 Have you considered using dowsing to help find underground rivers
41:03 Do you know the origins of the village name Flackwell Heath

Wanstead Park History https://youtu.be/ANSy1J3wB-Y
Boudicca’s Obelisk and Warlies Park https://youtu.be/xjJ8X-gu26c
Loughton Camp to Epping Green via Warlies Park https://youtu.be/oZIhCWqzzcA
My Longest River Lea Walk – Leytonstone to Hertford https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXstPcwoEZQ
Van Gogh’s London with Iain Sinclair https://youtu.be/ge0uukXgpDg
Abandoned Farm at Twyford Abbey https://youtu.be/EtKvaXSJui8
Keiller’s London first Walk – Vauxhall to Strawberry Hill https://youtu.be/3fN7gWUaAdA

Fresh Fallen Snow by Chris Haugen