The most underrated part of London & other Questions

The other week I took a stroll around Wanstead Flats answering a whole load of questions that’d been sent to me via Instagram, YouTube and Patreon. It was great fun.

Some of the questions I answer in this video:

Hi John! Hope you are well. Apologies if this has already been asked but what is your favourite film about London? Take it easy.

A walk I’d like to do one day and you may find interesting is to visit all 20 Wetherspoons pubs in London, what do you think John? Only 20 in zone 1 which makes it walkable if you can still walk towards the end John

1) would still love to see you walk more of the southern side of the Thames, gravesend, higham, grain etc.

2) will you write another book one day?

Do you believe in certain places being haunted or retaining some past stories?

What is your favourite part of Britain that you always look forward to returning to?

Any more plans for walks in Europe? Loved ur Berlin trip

In your opinion, what’s the most underrated part of London? Equally, most overrated?

What’s the best place to get a good pint right on the river Thames in the summer?

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