A walk around Norwich – the city of stories

Join me on a walking tour of the medieval city of Norwich guided by a group of students from UEA. The walk starts on St Andrew’s Hill and continues past Norwich Halls and the University of the Arts Norwich to the River Wensum. We continue walking the historic streets past the many medieval churches – Norwich is said to have more medieval churches than any city in Europe.

We explore the majestic Norwich Cathedral, built in 1096 which has the second highest spire in England and then walk around the 11th Century Norwich Castle. The students also show us the heart of Norwich nightlife on Prince of Wales Road and the Queen of the Iceni pub by the riverside.

Norwich Cathedral
Norwich Cathedral

Our walking tour passes the historic market which has been on this site for over 900 years and also the medieval Guildhall built in the early 1400s. We stroll through the beautiful Royal Arcade, built in 1899 and finish our perambulation of this beautiful city in St Benedict’s street. Thanks to Oliver, Liv, Ellie, James and Norbu for the tour of Norwich.

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