Cycle-In Cinema at Pimp Hall Park, Chingford

Cycle-In Cinema

Marcus from Stow Film Lounge, producers of this wonderful event, commented that the hills of Chingford glittered like medieval villages in Tuscany. And there was magic, as well as mosquitos, at work in Pimp Hall Park on Sunday evening. It was the final night of Stow Film Lounge’s run of Cycle-In Cinema screenings at Pimp Hall, and they were screening the film they’d commissioned me to make about the park.

Cycle-In Cinema

There were a smattering of familiar faces amongst the socially distanced audience allocated a marked area on the grass. Plenty of people had indeed Cycled-In to the open air cinema. The Friends of Pimp Hall Park and Nature Reserve served popcorn in paper cones. There was delicious food from the Urban Turban. It was a truly wonderful evening.

Cycle-In Cinema

My son and I grabbed some samosas and onion bajis as the main attraction, The Personal History of David Copperfield, came onto the screen. Pole Hill loomed in the distance, looking on approvingly.

Pimp Hall Park & Nature Reserve – a journey back through time

This is a short film I made about Pimp Hall Park and Nature Reserve at Friday Hill in Chingford.

Commissioned by Stow Film Lounge.

The film tells the story of the 16th Century Dovecote in Pimp Hall Nature Reserve, which is the surviving remnant of Pimp Hall Farm. We also explore the Nature Reserve and the wider Pimp Hall Park at the top of Friday Hill. Alan Butterworth from Friends of Pimp Hall Park, and local historian David Boote tell us about the history of the site and some of its secrets.

This film will be screened on Sunday 6th September as part of a programme of outdoor Cycle-In Cinema screenings at Pimp Hall Park by Stow Film Lounge.

Tickets and information can be found here

Credits: Made by John Rogers

Featuring: Alan Butterworth and David Boote

Archive and stock footage: Prelinger Archive, Videvo/dravreh

Map: © OpenStreetMap contributors

Music: Keeping Sacred by Emily A. Sprague

Ambiment – The Ambient by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (…) Source:… Artist:

Filmed on 16th August 2020