A twit for twitter

I’ve been Twittering like a …. well a Twit since I joined up two weeks ago. You can see my Tweets over on the left hand side of my blog here. Odd really that I should get sucked into this Jonathan ‘Wossy’ Ross and Stephen Fry inspired outbreak of Twittering because I’d first got excited about it in 2007 after reading about it in the Guardian technology supplement. I thought at first glance that it could be a great way of sharing the experience of a derive. But when I thought again this was a step backwards from the days when I could post photos and text straight to my blog via Flickr – that facility seemed to end when Google snaffled up Blogger and Yahoo grabbed Flickr. The ‘blog this’ function on my phone frustratingly doesn’t work.
So at first glance Twitter seemed a bit regressive – like people returning to horseback after the invention of the car (well it’s not the same at all really is it… but you know what I’m unskillfully trying to say). Nonetheless at least twice a day I ‘tweet’ and read the tweets of those I follow. I think it’s the simplicity that is appealing. When I blog I do feel a bit of pressure to come up with something expansive or make some sort of point. Hence I’ve failed to blog anything about the week I spent in Manchester but posted several Tweets on my twitter page included links to photos uploaded via a third party site Twitpic. And from my laptop – from where I could as easily blogged.
But this blog will still remain be my true love and twitter most likely an infatuation.
I’ll post something about Manchester next time.