Day of the Triffids influence on Shaun of the Dead

I was watching the 1981 BBC adaptation of Day of the Triffids today. There was a scene when the ‘hero’ Bill Masen and a girl he has resecued, Jo, seek refuge in a pub from a zombie-like mob of blind people who roam the streets.


It’s not long before they are discovered by a another group of the menacing blind people who omimously feel their way around the outside of the pub whilst Bill and Jo sit tight inside


This is much like in Shaun of the Dead when Shaun goes to rescue his girlfriend Liz and they too barricade themselves in their local, The Winchester. Soon the zombies return and circle the pub.

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The images here really struck me with their similarity
There were also some fantastic images in Day of the Triffids of London 6 years after mass blindness and a mystery virus had caused depopulation. I have an unwatched copy of 28 Days Later that I shall view with a new interest.