Aimless pleasures – Observations on psychogeography

As a NS subscriber of many years not sure how I missed this column by Joe Moran published in the Newstatesman 16 April 2009 about psychogeography which gives a great mention to mine and Cathy’s Wycombe project and the brilliant John Davies.

“The same spirit is evident in Remapping High Wycombe, a project run by Cathy and John Rogers, a brother-and-sister team of “psycho-crypto-topographers”. They wanted to make an imaginative record of the old town centre before it was redeveloped, so they created an algorithmic dérive in which they repeatedly followed the same set of simple instructions – for instance, “Take a left and then a right”. My favourite online psychogeographer is John Davies, a vicar who spent two months walking the length of the M62 motorway and blogging about it from the wifi areas in Travelodges and service stations.”

Psychogeography is definitely in the air at the moment as there is an article in Product magazine this month with a well articulated User’s Guide to Psychogeography.

Joe Moran’s “On Roads: a Hidden History” is published in June by Profile Books (£14.99)
joe moran on roads