The Remains of Leyton FC


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The gate just off Lea Bridge Road was open so I wandered into the old ground of Leyton Football Club. The pitch now a make-shift parking lot, weed-fringed with bare dusty patches, rubbish and building supplies littered all around. The stands and floodlights lie waiting for the Saturday crowds to return.

The original Leyton F.C. was formed in 1868 although the club that played here was a more recent incarnation. The club disbanded in 2011 halfway through the Isthmian League Division One North season.


  1. chris   •  

    where is this exactly? i did not know it existed!

    • JohnR   •     Author

      On Lea Bridge Road behind the Hare and Hounds pub

  2. Ulisses   •  

    I Mr Roger, I would like to have a contact of the person responsible for this venue. We have a football team and we would like to play there if is possible.



    • Lucy   •  

      hi Ulisses,
      At the moment I think sadly it’s unlikely the owners will let football be played there just yet – apart from the fact it’s in a right old state and needs some work, the ACV doesn’t force them to turn it back into a sporting venue. It may help when it comes to planning applications though. You could ask the council for more details-

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