Through Old West Ham to Cody Dock & River Lea

A few years ago some friends, Stuart and Rayna (who made the brilliant A13 road movie), asked if I’d ever been to Cody Dock. I’d not only never been there but I’d never even heard of it. So a couple of weeks ago at the end of February, I plotted out a route from Stratford Broadway down through Old West Ham to Cody Dock.

My path took me past the site of Stratford Langthorne Abbey, and from Cody Dock I doubled back along the Lea Valley Path to Bow Locks.

The video features some wonderful music by Emily A. Sprague from the YouTube Audio Library


  1. Andy   •  

    Commuted from Leigh on Sea to Fenchurch St for 26 years through West Ham until 3 Years ago but never knew of Cody Dock until I recently discovered your YouTube channel . I love walking like yourself and will definitely check it out. Love your channel, enthusiasm and the music you use. You have a new fan.

  2. Peter Marshall   •  

    Hi John, Always love your videos.
    I know Cody Dock well, went there a couple of times when they were first opening it up in 2012, and a few times since. Was there in 2015 for the opening of ‘The Line’ sculpture trail too, and had I think the first show in their gallery in 2017, and was there again later as a judge in their calendar contest. Of course I’d walked as far as the dock along Bow Creek before – you just had to turn around and go back

    You’ll know of course that you walked within a few yards of the eternal flame at the Gasworks memorial. There’s a not very good picture of it from a walk I did from Canning Town to Stratford in March 2017 (I’ve taken better other times) which I’m waiting for that bit of the walkway south of Cody Dock to open to do properly. (four sections at the bottom of the page )

    I’m sure you’d love a wander from Canning Town, perhaps acrosss the Lower Lea Crossing and down to Trinity Buoy Whaf, pewrhaps up through London CItyIsland and across the foorbridge back by Canning Town, and then all along by Bow Creek through the nature reserve up to Bow Lock and up to Stratford. At the moment you’d need to divert along Stephenson St, which has its own character:-)

    Oh, yes, nice IS Van Gogh walk too!


  3. irene   •  

    thanks you so much will come back again thanks

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