Walking the London Loop – Moor Park to Uxbridge

I’m resting after walking Section 11 of the London Loop from Uxbridge to Hayes, so now seems the perfect time to revisit my walk along sections 13 and 12 of the London Loop from Moor Park to Uxbridge taking in Batchworth Heath, Bishops Wood, Park Wood and the Grand Union Canal. This picks up from my previous London Loop walk in July 2018.

Filmed on 20th January 2019

London Loop District Beaconsfield


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  1. John Low   •  

    A really terrific walk, John. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Many thanks as always. On the Beats and walking both Kerouac and Ginsberg certainly did some wilderness walking with poet Gary Snyder and, of course, in Kerouac’s case, one of these became central to his novel ‘The Dharma Bums’. Kerouac I’m sure was also a bit of an urban walker. I seem to recall reading an article by Iain Sinclair about following in his London footsteps.

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