A New Wetlands for Leytonstone

Wanstead Flats wetlands

Taking a sunset stroll on Wanstead Flats this evening I stumbled upon this marvellous new Wetlands on the rough ground beside Harrow Road Playing Fields.

Wanstead Flats map

“© OpenStreetMap contributors” using data available under the Open Database Licence

It’s evident that the channels around the pond have been recently dug to form a network of ditches – a Leytonstone Wetlands, with the tall rushes rising around the edge of the waterscape, birds fleeting between the reeds and bushes. Previously the pond was lost in amongst the brambles, overgrown and hard to reach, choked by the undergrowth. This has now been cut back, opening out this new landscape.

Old map of Leytonstone

1863 Map of Leytonstone Reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland https://maps.nls.uk/index.html

The pond can clearly be seen on this 1863 Map of Essex (published 1873) with what could be a channel or ditch leading to Harrow Lane (now Road). So this is a wonderful restoration of the historic landscape of the area. Wood House and Wood Cottage are also interesting features on this map.


  1. James Heal   •  

    Wonderful post. I have flagged to Nick who did the lion share of the the work with a few other volunteers. We are hopeful it will attract a greater array of wildlife going forwards.

  2. A.Waylzbd   •  

    Wonderful, is this where the cat and dog pond was

  3. Siduck   •  

    It was most definitely driven by one man, but for sure he had help near the end. My dad spent many a morning knee deep in water digging, even while it snowed at times. Very much designed and intended for the benefit of wildlife.

  4. Duncan   •  

    A very interesting post and thanks to the volunteers who made the wetland happen

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