Q&A Video: The most Remote part of London and Other Questions Answered

Last weekend I sat down in the London Olympic Park and delved into a long list of brilliant questions submitted via the Community tab on my YouTube channel and Instagram Stories.

Here’s a list of the questions with the timestamps in case you’d like to navigate to a particular part of what became an epic video:

Contents of this video
0:00​ Intro Stratford Olympic Park
01:32​ Grotty Fringe of the Olympic Park
02:21​ Will you do more South London walks?
02:49​ Most memorable bit of folklore
04:24​ Which era of London would you most like to walk around
06:19​ Do you get scared walking on your own
06:47​ If you could say one thing to planners and architects what would it be
08:21​ If you needed your ashes scattered in London where would it be
09:28​ Favourite pre-Roman or prehistoric site in London
10:14​ Particular walking book you would like to see reprinted
10:38​ Is there a river flowing from Hampstead Heath through Belsize Park
11:05​ Do you listen to music on your walks
11:22​ Where have you felt the most remote
12:00​ What’s your longest walk
12:42​ How I started my walks
13:56​ Would you consider walking further afield such as the Thames Estuary around Tilbury and Gravesend
15:02​ Where are the women psychogeographers
19:01​ Favourite discovery on a walk
20:07​ Who was Jack the Ripper?
23:23​ Will we ever know more about Boudicca?
24:39​ What is your professional background or upbringing
26:07​ Growing up in the Chilterns
26:52​ Austin Osman Spare walk
27:42​ First Job and have you been unemployed for a long period of time
29:38​ What got you into psychogeography
32:05​ Psychogeography outside London
34:26​ Best thing you found on your travels
35:02​ When will you do a walk through Temple
35:35​ Radical Rambler Cap?
36:00​ Will the Leytonstone Centre for Contemporary Art make a comeback?
36:20​ Would you another City e.g Bristol
37:30​ Favourite Author, Novel, Ale
38:29​ Views on some modern architecture
39:10​ Will you do a Southend walk to the Anglo Saxon burial site at Prittlewell
39:20​Thames Bridges walk
40:02​ How does your wife feel about your long walks
41:21​ Strangest encounter on a walk
43:44​ If you could walk anywhere in the world where would it be and why?
45:20​ Kray Twins walk?
46:22​ Most disappointing walk
47:34​ Will you get a haircut after the restrictions are lifted
47:40​ Will you write another book?
48:31​ Any trouble or threatened on a walk?
50:15​ Inspiration to start and film these walks
53:10​ Thank you for your questions

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