Stroll from Lambeth to Sloane Square

Summer, already a distant memory. So it’s particularly pleasant as we head into deep winter to look back at this summer evening stroll from Borough Road to Sloane Square, drifting on the warm breeze.

For most of the way I more or less retraced the route of previous walks I took around 20 years ago when we lived in a small room in a former hotel near South Kensington Station. However I got drawn into Page Street by its chequerboard flats and got chatting to a resident who told me about the fascinating history of the area. I have to admit this was the first I’d heard of the Thames flood of 1928 .

I think this is one of those walks I’ll never tire of repeating – and I always seem to end up having a pint in The Chelsea Potter on Kings Road (although there are some suggested alternatives in the YouTube comments for when I do this next time).

Notable locations in the video: St George’s Circus, Imperial War Museum, Lambeth Palace, Lambeth Bridge, Thames House, Horseferry Road, Smith Square, St John’s Gardens, Page Street flats, Regency Cafe, Moreton Street, St. George’s Drive, Orange Square, Sloane Square, Royal Court Theatre.

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