More Questions about London walking

Some of the Questions answered in Part 2 of my massive Q&A on a walk through Leyton

Obviously, they’re fictional places, but what are your thoughts on doing a ‘Rivers of London’ walk, that includes some of the more noteworthy locations in London, based on the novels by Ben Aaronovitch? This could be great for tourists and locals alike.

Tell us all your thoughts on Camberwell please.

What is the most stunning place you have visited?

When’s ur next book coming out?

Are there any parts of London that you used to not like but now like and vice versa?

What are your top 3 favourite London pubs?

Are you going to return to Carshalton?

Have you heard of the ‘Cuckoo’ estate in west London?

Could you pick your favourite street in central London ?

What is your favourite walk in Buckinghamshire?

What’s your most memorable encounter / meet with a celebrity?

Whats your opinion of your mate Russel Brand?

Hedgerley Bucks
Buckinghamshire walk
Red Lion pub Leytonstone
Red Lion Leytonstone
Pint of ale at the Red Lion Leytonstone
Red Lion Leytonstone

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