Bank Holiday walk to Highbury

River Lea at Leyton

Many a great walk starts by crossing the Sacred River Lea.

Sunken narrowboat on the River Lea Navigation at Hackney

I resisted the temptation to see the sunken narrowboat as a bad omen.

Royal Sovereign pub mural
Stoke Newington Church Street

There’s always a bohemian air to Stoke Newington Church Street that seems to resist gentrification and somehow stands apart from other North London streets. I wonder if it has something to do with all those anarchists that nested around here.

Clissold Park Stoke Newington

I sat on a bench in Clissold Park in the late afternoon sun with a flat white and a cannoli and a sfogliatella.

Highbury streets

I loved walking these Highbury streets in our happy years living here in the late 90s. I walked through Highbury Barn and briefly stood outside our old basement flat.

Highbury Park
Highbury Park
Highbury Barn, North London
Highbury Fields
Highbury Fields

I wandered over Highbury Fields in glorious sunshine and caught the train home from Highbury and Islington drenched in nostalgia.